Information is power

only if you can take action with it. Then, and only then,
does it represent knowledge and, consequently, power!


… and not be left out.

The ACTION Coalition was formed in July 2012 when a number of like-minded organisations and activists decided to focus their resources (human and financial) to foreground access to information (ATI) on the policy and governance agenda of the Namibian Government as part of its commitment to eradicate corruption through fostering good governance practices throughout the state.

Meet our members

What unifies ACTION coalition members is our work to promote the right to information as a basic human right, necessary for the enjoyment of all other rights and critical for human development.
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September 28

Universal access to information is bound up with the right to seek and receive information, which is an integral part of the right to freedom of expression.
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Internet Governance

The ACTION Coalition aims to play a leading role in advocating a human rights-based understanding of the Internet, opposing threats to Internet freedom, …
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Latest ACTION Updates

New year, new hopes on ATI

BY FREDERICO LINKS - No doubt 2019 will be both a challenging and exciting year – challenging in that Namibia continues to face tough economic circumstances and exciting in that it’s an election year. But first, a brief review of 2018. ATI law promises not kep In...

Namibian CSOs crippled by limited funding

BY JANE MUNGABWA - The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) this week launched the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Sustainability Index report, an attempt to evaluate the sustainability of CSOs in Namibia according to preset criteria. During the presentation...