What is the ACTION Coalition?

About us

The ACTION Coalition was formed in July 2012 when a number of like-minded organisations and activists decided to focus their resources (human and financial) to foreground access to information (ATI) on the policy and governance agenda of the Namibian Government as part of its commitment to eradicate corruption through fostering good governance practices throughout the state. Since then, the ACTION Coalition has been instrumental in raising ATI’s and freedom of expression’s (FoX) profiles as political issues. The ACTION Coalition has campaigned and advocated forcefully for a formal and comprehensive ATI legislative framework to improve accountability and transparency across all sectors of Namibian society.


The ACTION Namibia Coalition is synonymous with the national campaign for a legal framework that supports the right to access to information (ATI) in Namibia. We look back on nine years (2011 – 2020) of campaigning for an ATI law; the milestones, challenges and the way forward.