What we do

In our attempts to further the causes of access to information (ATI) and freedom of expression (FoX), the ACTION Coalition engages in the following activities:

  • Capacity building and awareness raising through regular workshops and meetings with interested and affected individuals, organizations, members and partners.
  • Regularly engaging with and advising relevant government and private entities on improving the Namibian ATI landscape.
  • Issuing statements, alerts, briefs, etc. on issues impacting ATI and FoX in Namibia.
  • Supporting the work of members by drawing on our extensive professional networks of local, regional and international experts and specialists.
  • Supporting multilateral efforts to spread the message of strengthened ATI.
  • Playing a leading role in Namibian Internet governance processes in the furtherance of FoX online.
  • Connecting and liaising with like-minded organizations and movements across the African continent and beyond.

Posted on

October 3, 2017