What we do

Access to Information:
An enabling and fundamental human right

What we do

In our attempts to further the causes of access to information (ATI) and freedom of expression (FoX), the ACTION Coalition engages in the following activities:

  • Capacity building and awareness raising through regular workshops and meetings with interested and affected individuals, organizations, members and partners.
  • Regularly engaging with and advising relevant government and private entities on improving the Namibian ATI landscape.
  • Issuing statements, alerts, briefs, etc. on issues impacting ATI and FoX in Namibia.
  • Supporting the work of members by drawing on our extensive professional networks of local, regional and international experts and specialists.
  • Supporting multilateral efforts to spread the message of strengthened ATI.
  • Playing a leading role in Namibian Internet governance processes in the furtherance of FoX online.
  • Connecting and liaising with like-minded organizations and movements across the African continent and beyond.

The ACTION Coalition has campaigned and advocated forcefully for a formal and comprehensive ATI legislative framework to improve accountability and transparency across all sectors of Namibian society.